Layer Slider

Amazing Layer Slider

CoWorker includes Layer Slider (worth $15) completely Free integrated inside the Theme. Its 100% Responsive and beautiful. Over 170 breathtaking 3D & 2D hardware accelerated transitions with transition gallery. Easy-to-use visual transition builder – Create your own custom transitions and use it with your slider. 5 displaying modes (normal, responsive, full-width, full-width + responsive & full-width + responsiveUnder. Smart resizing and repositioning image, video and also text sublayers in responsive modes including font-sizes, line-heights, etc.). Unlimited types of usage (image slider, image slider with text, content slider, video gallery slider, mixed content slider, etc…). Unlimited variations of hardware accelerated animations (sliding from / to 4 directions or fading in / out (sublayers only) with countless easing types and sublayers can slide or fade out before other sublayers appear).

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